Guest Investigators

Beth Moore


Ghost Hunts USA & Girls vs Ghosts

Beth (“Mrs. Moore”) was born, raised and currently lives with her husband, Johnny, in Ohio.  She is co-founder of Girls vs Ghosts with Sharla Hardin.  Beth is the Lead Investigator for Ghost Hunts USA since 2015. She has lead groups through some of the most haunted locations all over the U.S. and teaches investigation techniques to the guests who have never investigated before.

Jeff Fent


Creator of the Asberry Box

Rosa Nill


Paranormal Investigator & Producer Level Backer

Heather Larson


Paranormal Investigator

Heather has worked as Director of Marketing for the Girls  vs Ghosts podcast, Social Media Specialist for

VIDI Space and Vice President of Digital Ink Concepts. She is a Paranormal Empath and Lead Investigator for OMEN 78130. Heather is a Living Kidney Donor and is a Blood and Tissue Donor Advocate. Heather has experienced the unknown since she was a small child. Scared of what she was experiencing, she dove head first into learning more and devotes time to those in need of help from the Paranormal. She lives in New Braunfels, TX with her long time boyfriend Anthony and their three children, Alex, Audrina and Cade.