A documentary series taking you on a tour of US Civil War Battlefields, historic sites & old family property unearthing the long forgotten stories of Sharla’s ancestors who fought & died during a critical period that shaped our nation’s history.

Civil War

Sharla Hardin of Girls Vs Ghosts had an experience while on a paranormal investigation with her GvG partner, Beth Moore, in Gettysburg, PA after a Ghost Hunts USA event that stayed with her for a very long time. Upon researching her family history months later, she found she had distant relatives who fought on both  sides of the Civil War & one who was captured at Gettysburg.  Another ancestor  even wrote a book about his experience.  She couldn’t help but feel responsible to take this project forward. She will tell the stories of the men who fought and died on the battlefields across the country during the War Between the States.  Sharla’s guests will give historic accounts of each Battlefield & some of the soldiers who fought there. Featured guests will also join the team in paranormal Investigations at nearby sites.  Join us on this emotional journey through the tragic past that shaped our nation as we make our way through Pennsylvania, Virginia, Mississippi, Iowa & Georgia following the footsteps of Sharla’s ancestors and seeking the long forgotten stories of 

the Ghosts of War.  

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Filming begins in May of 2020. Thank you for helping us to fund this project!

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